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Men of Sandtown Board of Directors

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Dr. Al Stokes – President

I’ve been a member of the Men of Sandtown for over 15 years. I remember the days of my youth where I visualizing these distinguished men who were so very well respected and had such a positive impact on everyone, not only in the community but everywhere. We always referred to them as men of Distinction.  So in every Board meeting we preference each member with “the distinguished man” and then his name is how we address one another.  I was appointed by the Board of Director to be President of the MOS 3 years ago, we have been successful in being established and now recognized as 501©3 nonprofit organization. We have been successful in the renovation of the MOS Clubhouse. We believe in our mission and vision for Sandtown, now we need the continued guidance from Almighty God to see it through.

Terrance Scott

Terrance Scott – Vice President

I’ve been an active member of the Men of Sandtown for the past 12 years, simply because I am a product of the guidance, stability and nurturing offered by this group of “Men of Distinction”.  I grew up in Sandtown and was unquestionably headed in the wrong direction, the loss of my Father at a tender age made the street life in the inner city very appealing to me. If it were not for the guidance of “strong male figures” in my life, especially from the Men of Sandtown, a life of crime and destruction and possibly even my own demise, is where I was headed.  I am proof positive that with great mentorship, guidance, nurturing, love and positive direction, inner city children can be successful.

As time progressed, I could not wait to be selected to join the Men of Sandtown, it’s now my time to give back to my community and the needs are great. As a Board Member my mission is to make certain that everyone in Sandtown has a fair opportunity to achieve any optimistice goal they establish. I’ve long been an outspoken critic about the lack or opportunity, corporate reinvestment and job availability for inner city youth, especially considering that their needs are far more challenging.  I am proud to be a member of the Men of Sandtown because I know that we have changed lives in the past and will continue to be active in presenting a positive alternative to the community of Sandtown Winchester. The youth in this community are in desperate need of encouraging role models, daily they witness drug dealing, gun violence, stabbings, robbery, alcoholism, joblessness, hopeless conditions, blight befitting a 3rdworld country, as well as, police brutality, death and destruction.

Sadly, there’s hardly child from this community that have not witnessed a dead body in the streets. At a time when our youth’s minds should be wondering and dreaming about their tomorrows, fear encapsulates their minds and hearts on many issues.  The Men of Sandtown has made it their responsibility to make others aware of the frightening plight that is troubling and ailing our inner city youth in this community.   The Men of Sandtown has been that vehicle of positivity for me, and now as the torch has been passed, I too will stand strong to assure that a path be made for the next generation who desire something better, that those opportunists be available as a positive and affirmative alternative to the youth of Sandtown. I bare witness that through constructive reinforcement and tough love, I can now proudly say that for the past several years, I support my family through my employment as a Transit Driver for the MTA. This it is a far cry from the frightened little boy lost without his dad in the tough and mean streets in Baltimore’s tough Sandtown Community. I want to make this dream, as well as, other opportunities that mirror my own youthful difficulties, available for others. I know that as a member of the Men of Sandtown I can be that positive, encouraging, activist influence that can assist in changing the outlook for others. Please stand with us and provide your support as we will continue to create testimonies like mine, of lives changed by positive Men of Action and Distinction, please support the Men of Sandtown.


Bill Hemby – Secretary

I’ve been a member of the Men of Sandtown for the past 2 years, I’ve seen afar the wonderful works of mentoring, giving and leadership these men have exhibited in the community of Sandtown. When asked to be a part of the Board of Directors, I accepted with gladness knowing that the task and work ahead would be arduous, yet rewarding. I bring  to this Board management skills and business experience moreover, I believe in the vision and mission of giving back, each one reach one.  This is what is needed now in our current culture and society.

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