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The mission of the Men of Sandtown is to reach and teach young men of this community the responsibilities of Brotherhood that leads to Manhood. Our first lesson is by allowing our lives to be an example of honor and distinction; also our individual behavior must distinguish us from others.

The Men of Sandtown desire to reach young men through mentorship, providing guidance and assistance where needed, assisting those who desire to complete their GED, or are interested in a vocational technical training, and even those that desire to pursue higher education. Most importantly, our mission is to be the positive alternative to counter the current negative environment that dwells within the confines of the community of Sandtown Winchester.

The Men of Sandtown vow to be that ray of hope for the hopeless, that brilliant beacon of bright light for those living in the midst of darkness, that listening ear to encourage the down trodden, as well as, that offering hand to lend assistance in any positive way. It’s a mission that we believe is possible, it’s a mission that was accomplished in this community previously by others, in us. Therefore, we know that this mission is possible.