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Vision Statement

Mentoring- providing leadership and understanding while training our youth for the difficult world they face

Educating –  providing education on the difficult decision that they face regarding street life in Baltimore City.  We also work with other programs to assist in GED and vocational training available

Nurturing- with the understanding that that there are difficulties with in the environment of Sandtown and Baltimore City, we continue to nurture our youth and keep them encouraged about a brighter future.


Offering love, assistance, and guidance when and where it is needed

Formidable in our position , never allowing negative influences to run their course in our lives or our community.


Staying steadfast, allowing the Godly principles that have been successful in our lives to be the standard that we maintain through life’s challenges, we believe this and live this in our lives

Togetherness, it takes a village to raise a child, and in the inner city life is quite difficult, togetherness creates the oneness that is needed to avoid the waywardness that is so easy to obtain